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The search for him played out frantically all across Britain, evolving from the search for a missing boy in a shopping center to the search for an abducted boy in Liverpool and, finally, horrifically, the search for the two boys seen on the surveillance footage leading James away — who were soon suspected of torturing the toddler to death. They had taken him on a long walk once they left the shopping center, as The Washington Post reported from the London trial in They zigzagged through Liverpool for more than two miles, taking James down near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, making up stories to several passers-by who questioned what the year-olds were doing with a crying 2-year-old reeling from a fresh bump on his forehead.

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No one stopped them. They arrived at a railway embankment. They left his body on the tracks.

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Fergus never wanted to know the details. She did not attend the three-week trial in London for the year-olds, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who became the youngest convicted killers in Britain in nearly years. She avoided news coverage, as the crime quickly ballooned into one of the most chilling in British history.

But some things never went away. Complicating things is that Harry and Craig used to be a couple, but no longer are. They are angered not because Craig is gay, but because he did not tell them in some other way and lied about where he would be through the weekend.

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The kiss is not only meant to break a record, but to call attention to the intolerance still suffered in some places by gays. Craig and Harry have a gay black friend named Tariq who was viciously beat up in a neighboring town three months before for being gay.

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Eventually, hundreds of people gather to either cheer or jeer, and the news outlets pick up the story. Harry and Craig successfully break the record. Avery and Ryan meet for the first time at a gay prom. They hit it off instantly, and begin seeing one another. While Avery does his best to be understanding and forgiving of people who cannot accept that he is gay, Ryan is very angry about people who do not accept that he is gay. Ryan wants to seek revenge on them, but Avery just wants to let it go.

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The chorus reminds readers that life cannot be lived in anger, and that anger must be moved past to get on to better things. Meanwhile, Neil and Peter are in a committed relationship. Neil is enraged, and demands his parents acknowledge he is gay. His parents do as Neil demands.

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At the same time, Cooper feels lost, alone, and sad. He is secretly gay, and hides it from everyone at home and everyone at school. Friday night, Cooper falls asleep with his laptop open, leaving exposed his secret communications with other gays. His father finds it and is enraged.

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