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This is a great practical book to reflect, challenge and help to guide our steps towards a closer walk with God. Also great grounding in his discussion using bible scriptures and reminder to surround ourselves with other people who share our same christian beliefs and let God work through those people to help you! One of the reminders that he discusses is that forgiveness is something that can be offered and given without anyone asking for it and that by forgiving I can go on with my life without the stress of harboring bad feelings.

David has some additional good discussion on forgiving vs forgetting and how forgiveness is not a weakness.

All discussed within biblical scripture references. Part of this surrender was humbling myself to let God use me as a vehicle to do His work — and it was not about job titles at work or salary. Reading this Step 6 — reinforced the peace I received for humbling myself to know God was in control.

Abraham – The Friend of God

David hits the nail on the head in this chapter with saying it is more important to make myself available to God than it was to know exactly what God has planned for my life. Since I truly surrendered myself to that, God has shown me and will be using me for amazing things to expand his kingdom and use my talents. Again, David uses really great examples backed by scriptures.

Step 10 — Reverence for God — This Steps pulls it together on how God loves us like a parent loves their child — and how God wants us to know, worship, grow, trust, talk and thank Him. He nicely pulls together how reverence is the most important step in keeping us in that right relationship with God.

David M. Showers has a unique and straightforward approach to the challenges of getting closer to God.

Using simple but clear analogies, anecdotes, and personal experience, he elucidates the Christian walk on a natural progression from giving up control Step One to reverence Step Ten. And most church leaders are very good at doing things. As a result, administration of programs replaces actual disciple making practices.

As you look ahead to the next year, slow down and refresh your conviction for disciplemaking by looking to the Master himself. Have you resigned to herding people through classes and events? Are you relying too much on better preaching?

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It will answer the what, why, where, and how of discipleship. Underline it, write in the margins, interact with it, and meditate on it. You are not learning this information for yourself only, although you will definitely benefit from it.


How to Dive Into Your Walk with God

You are learning for all the people you will disciple in the future. The gospel came to you because it was heading to someone else. Like any journey, the discipleship journey requires you to take steps. Discipleship only occurs as you take the next steps of dependence on and obedience to Jesus. Also like any journey, the discipleship journey requires you to take the first step in order to continue the journey. Robby Gallaty outlines a walk with Jesus — discipleship — with a series of steps described below.

They may seem simple — but keep in mind that even the longest, most complex journey you can imagine starts with a simple first step. The six practices discussed below C. When these disciplines are pursued, the desire for going even deeper with God will be birthed in your soul.

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  • Instead of merely asking God to address your checklist of requests, have you focused on praying for things you have discerned that truly matter to him? God reveals more of Himself to you as you pray for the things that matter most to Him? Our task when we open our Bibles is to arrive at the meaning God intended for the passage we are reading. Every genuine believer receives a wonderful Gift at the time of salvation — the Holy Spirit comes into us and dwells within our bodies.

    With the help of the Spirit, we can — without human intervention — understand the Bible for ourselves.

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    How do you make disciples? By teaching them to obey His commands. In order to do so, you must first know his Words yourself. You must get into the Word until the Word gets into you. For the believer who truly desires to be a full-fledged follower of Christ, simply reading the Bible daily will not be enough. As a disciple, your goal is not merely to get into the Word, but to get the Word into you. Many people misunderstand our Christ-given responsibility in evangelism, thinking that success is determined by how many people we personally win to Christ.

    8 Different Ways We Can Come Closer To God

    This is not the teaching of Scripture. Success in evangelism is in the sharing, not in the saving. A heart that obeys God is a heart that has first come to love Him. Our love for God grows as we know him.

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    The better we know God, the more we love Him. The primary way God has revealed Himself to us is through his Word. A heart that knows God is a heart that has been transformed by the renewing of the mind through the study and application of good works.