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The good news is that a lot of people actually spend money because of Pinterest. This is a pretty common adage among affiliate marketers. Using this formula with a few Pinterest marketing hacks our Pinterest Traffic keeps going up! This is really what separates the good affiliate marketers on Pinterest from the really bad ones. In looking at our own analytics not long ago, I realized that we have had over 2 million unique visits from the site. To-date, we are using it as one of our most aggressive social traffic sources… mostly because it works.

But you must know how to do it correctly. Keep reading, because in this article, you will learn how winning marketers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from Pinterest! I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. You have to use Pinterest for the joy of loving Pinterest … and link to the right types of content in the right context.

Do it right. Be legitimate. No sketchy business. This is the most obvious and direct affiliate marketing strategy on Pinterest. The best thing about this strategy is that it is quick and easy. But, with that being said, it is also missing some vital components to a successful affiliate strategy.

You are gathering traffic through Pinterest , and making an offer with the link… but you need trust to round off the full TTO strategy. Why would they just click through and buy those items? You may be saying that they are the best… but what actually makes them the best? Pre-Sale content can do wonders to help you level-up your Pinterest game. It takes more work, but I believe and can prove with my own results that this extra work pays off big time. One of the best ways to do this is with a top 10 list.

If you are selling barbecue utensils, write a content-heavy post on your website about your top favorite grilling tools. Be specific. Talk about the first utensil, how it works, and why it is your favorite. Talk about why it is better than others. Tell your story about how it has worked for you. Basically, you are creating a killer resource for people that can actually help them.

How Does Pinterest Make Money? | The Motley Fool

This works because it actually creates value for readers. If someone wants to know what the top 10 utensils are, your post is giving them everything they need.

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Even if they are not shopping for a gift right now, they may see it and think of their father… then Pin it. That way, it will always be on their board. The thing to keep in mind about Pinterest is that every Pin is actually a door to a piece of content on your site. Pinterest is giving you the traffic. You are building trust with awesome content that will help your readers. You are even re-enforcing the trust by telling readers about your own experience with the product. Maybe in your post, you talk in-depth about what you like about those utensils.

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Maybe you talk about how the stainless steel was super-high quality, or about how the handle stayed tight even when you grilled with it all day long. Or maybe you tell a story about how you grilled with those utensils and really put them to the test, etc. These are the types of experiences that buyers want to hear about, because this will help them to make the most informed decisions about what they should actually be spending money on. And then, you are giving them the offer by providing affiliate links to help them find the best products on your list!

If you are just starting out with Pinterest , this is actually the method I would recommend using.

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  • I personally would not even bother with direct-linking, because there is no trust involved. Using this method, we see upwards of 20, unique visitors every month to our site from Pinterest… which is awesome! This is my favorite strategy for long term growth and success on Pinterest. What is the difference between a single, helpful, well-ranking post, and having a personal brand that someone trusts? The main difference is that when you start to develop a personal brand, people will start to seek you out. And once you start to develop yourself as an authority in your niche, you will start to gain a ton of traffic and attention from that!

    When it comes to real long term affiliate marketing success, building a personal brand is absolutely the way to go. But even on Pinterest, building your own brand can do awesome things for you in the long-term. My wife is getting about 2. And this is how she is doing it. She and our team are publishing Pins. These Pins then come up in searches, through SEO and keyword relevance.

    But then, people who like her Pins go to her boards for even more ideas. That is how Pinterest works.

    How to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog

    If someone really likes what you post, they may visit your board as well. It is really important to create authority-driven posts for your Pins on Pinterest. If every one of your Pins is linking to something helpful, and if you are filling your boards up with this kind of value, you are going to start becoming a brand that people will trust. And that is where you can start to make really, really good money with Pinterest. Do you remember how I told you that I was going to let you in on my number one secret to maximizing profits on Pinterest?

    First of all, it is really important to remember that quality content is king when it comes to affiliate marketing. This is true no matter what you are doing… but the same rings true on Pinterest. My wife has been using this technique to absolutely kill it on Pinterest. And I will tell you exactly how she does it.

    What Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Is and What It Is Not

    Create text-heavy content on your website that offers a ton of value and information online for free. This means awesome blog posts, lists, reviews, how-tos, etc. Anything that will really, truly deliver quality and value to your target audience. Then, you create Pins for this content, and put them on Pinterest. You need to make sure to fill out all of the information on each Pin so that you can optimize each one the right way.

    Keep things relevant, and always link back to value-filled content on your website. Next, we use pop-ups on our website to offer people a free MP3 in exchange for their email address.

    How I Managed to Gain 4.8k Pinterest Followers With Little Effort

    This is how we get them to sign up for our mailing list. So this is easy. They get something for free that is even better than the usual free content we offer them. Since they trust us and are interested in what we are talking about, this is a great deal for them. Everyone gets what they want! Affiliating with companies is a relatively easy way to make money from Pinterest, however, there are a few nuances one should keep in mind:.

    To find brands that would like to affiliate with you, check out online services like Izea or TapInfluence. With so many business opportunities offered by Pinterest, no wonder why companies and entrepreneurs wish to leverage its power.

    see url But not all of them know their way around Pinterest and its business mechanisms. Teaching your strategies can be done through private consultations via Skype, written materials like blog posts, articles, brochures, and ebooks , videos, etc. You can even start your own courses by developing a dedicated website where you could offer your content for the money. Both ways are great to make Pinterest a source of income, but before you can offer people your services, you must gain enough expertise and experience in the development of successful business campaigns on Pinterest and have credible proofs of your proficiency, for example, screenshots of Pinterest analytics from your own account or from previous customers.

    Promotion is an integral part of your Pinterest campaign.