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The best movements to use in your exercise routine for a more lifted booty are deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, kettlebell swings, step ups and lunges. Here are three circuit workouts to build a stronger foundation aka killer legs and booty. Need a refresher on the moves? Keep scrolling for our fitness glossary. Reach for your Collagen Water to stay hydrated, keep this list open, and go! Start standing with dumbbells in hand and hinge your hips back. Allow yourself to feel a tremendous stretch in your hamstrings, use your glutes and hamstrings to bring you up with control.

This strengthens and stabilizes hips and glutes. Drive up through your front heel as opposed to relying on your back leg.

You should feel the burn in your glutes, rather than your quads. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width with a kettlebell about a foot in front of you. With your weight in your heels, hinge at your hips while lowering your hands to the kettlebell handle.

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Grab the kettlebell with an overhand grip. Hike the kettlebell back between your legs, catching the force of the moving kettlebell with your hips. Exhale as you swing the kettlebell forward by thrusting your hips, straightening your legs, and squeezing your glutes and abs. Once the kettlebell reaches chest height, inhale as you allow it to fall, and guide it back to the hiked position. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and position a heavy kettlebell between your feet.

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Push your hips back and bend your knees while lowering your hands to the kettlebell horns. Your shins should stay vertical. Exhale as you push the floor away with your heels to extend your hips and rise to standing. Inhale as you slowly lower the kettlebell back toward the ground by hinging at the hips and allowing your knees to bend as needed. Place your shoulder blades on a bench. The 8 inch is a huge hunk of molded plastic.

It's been a fun swimbait to fish with and learn what it does in the water. You're making a serious commitment to throwing a big swimbait when you throw that size of this swimbait.


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The colors are unique on these swimbaits. Olive shad and white shad are my two favorites.

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My favorite size has been the 6-inch for fishing deep, and I've been throwing the 4-inch a lot since August as the bass have really been keying on smaller baitfish. I've fished the smaller ones on swimbait hooks with belly weights, but I definitely like this swimbait better with a jighead because the plastic is so thick. I feel like a big exposed top hook gives me a higher probability for hookup with this swimbait. I would suggest this swimbait in one of two applications.

The tail is big on this swimbait. You have to have a significant weight to keep it down in the strike zone. It makes it a good shallow swimbait when you want a little extra kick, say in stained water like we often see on the TVA fisheries. I think this swimbait excels in water 10 feet or less. It has a good profile and kick so I like it when I can swim it down in feet of water and feel like I'm covering more of the water column and strike zone.