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Only two. Only you two? Any others ever? One that died. Did you know of your father making a will? Who did you hear say so?

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I think it was Mr. What Morse?

Lizzie Borden Unlocked!

Uncle John V. How long ago? How long ago I heard him say it? I have not any idea. What did he say about it? Nothing except just that. That Mr. Borden had a will. Did you ask your father? I did not. Did he ever mention the subject of a will to you? He did not. He never told you that he had made a will or had not? Did he have a marriage settlement with your stepmother that you know of?

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I never knew of any. Had you heard anything of his proposing to make a will? Do you know of anybody that your father was on bad terms with?

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Tell all you saw and heard. What did he say? He said he had stayed long enough and he would thank him to go. Did he say anything about coming again? Did your father say anything about coming again, or did he? Have you any idea who that was? Have you had any efforts made to find him? We have had a detective; that is all I know. You have not found him? Not that I know of.

You can't give us any other idea about it? Nothing but what I have told you. Hiram C. What relation is he to him? He is my father's brother-in-law. Your mother's brother? My father's only sister married Mr. Do you know of anybody that was on bad terms with your stepmother?

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Or that your stepmother was on bad terms with? Had your stepmother any property? Only that she had half the house that belonged to her father. Where was that? On Fourth Street. Who lives in it? Her half-sister. Any other property besides that that you know of?

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  4. Did you ever know of any? Did you understand that she was worth anything more than that? I never knew. Did you ever have any trouble with your stepmother? Have you within six months had any words with her? Within a year? Within two years? I think not. When last that you know of? About five years ago. What about? Her stepsister, half-sister. What name?

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    Her name now is Mrs. George W. Nothing more than hard words? They were not hard words. It was simply a difference of opinion. You have been on pleasant terms with your stepmother since then? It depends upon one's idea of cordiality perhaps. According to your idea of cordiality? We were friendly; very friendly. Cordial, according to your idea of cordiality? Quite so. What do you mean by "quite so? You did not regard her as your mother? Not exactly, no; although she came there when I was very young. Were your relations toward her that of daughter and mother?

    In some ways it was and in some it was not. In what ways was it? I decline to answer.