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Her song particularly focuses on the experiences of the survivor years out. In fact, I think every woman facing cancer is going to want to belt these strong words out. Need a song for a chemo session? This is a pretty awesome one. Losing your hair to chemotherapy? Arie brings it around specifically to the woman bald from breast cancer as well:. Need a new anthem? Want it to be a little kick-ass and angry.

This is it. Jewel first wrote the song in her teens about surviving a bad relationship. But, she changed several verses later to make it applicable to a broader audience. Challenges do not define us We are shaped by how we carry on This is our opportunity To decide the kind of women we want to become And so, it is with great gratitude And the strength of humility We transform pain into victory By digging our roots deep.

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The song reminds women that they are not alone during their breast cancer journeys. Struggling to look in the mirror after breast surgery? Most moving lyric in the song? It might stop you from cooking meals for your family or hanging out with friends for a while.

Too cheesy? But come on, you know love to belt it out too! And goodness, it invoke a powerful emotion for many listeners! It can be a great song for women going through any tough time. Plus, it would make for a fun dance and lip-sync break whenever your may need it. Stress and worry clouding your judgment? Anxiety taking over? I dare any cancer survivor or anyone who loves a cancer survivor to listen to this song without tears. Grief is a part of the breast cancer journey. If you lose a breast, take the time to grieve it.

This song just might help. George Harrison wrote the song after he decided to avoid a business meeting to visit his friend. His relief at the break from business and the arrival of spring inspired the lyrics.

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It can be a great song for finding the motivation to keep going. Even though things may seem to stay dark for a long time, you still know that light will be shining through any day. About to ring the bell to mark the end of cancer treatments? This is YOUR song. Yes, the adjustment to life after cancer treatments is really, really tough, but… enjoy this moment. Ring the bell and be on top of the world! We hope you enjoyed our list! What are your go-to songs for this cancer journey?

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  4. Tell us below in the comments. Also, our YouTube channel is full of women sharing their stories. It means so much to me! Having cancer impairs immunity and recent chemotherapy compounds the problem by suppressing the bone marrow. The bone marrow can be considered the factory where blood cells are produced — its function may be impaired by chemotherapy or infiltration by cancer cells. Death can occur due to a severe infection.

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    Pre-existing liver impairment or kidney failure due to dehydration can make antibiotic choice difficult, too. You may notice that patients with cancer involving their brain look particularly unwell. Most cancers in the brain come from elsewhere, such as the breast, lung and kidney.

    Brain metastases exert their influence in a few ways — by causing seizures, paralysis, bleeding or behavioural disturbance. Patients affected by brain metastases can become fatigued and uninterested and rapidly grow frail. Swelling in the brain can lead to progressive loss of consciousness and death. In some cancers, such as that of the prostate, breast and lung, bone metastases or biochemical changes can give rise to dangerously high levels of calcium, which causes reduced consciousness and renal failure , leading to death.

    Uncontrolled bleeding, cardiac arrest or respiratory failure due to a large blood clot happen — but contrary to popular belief, sudden and catastrophic death in cancer is rare. And of course, even patients with advanced cancer can succumb to a heart attack or stroke, common non-cancer causes of mortality in the general community.

    In places where good palliative care is embedded, its value cannot be overestimated. Palliative care teams provide expert assistance with the management of physical symptoms and psychological distress. They can address thorny questions, counsel anxious family members, and help patients record a legacy, in written or digital form. They normalise grief and help bring perspective at a challenging time. People who are new to palliative care are commonly apprehensive that they will miss out on effective cancer management but there is very good evidence that palliative care improves psychological wellbeing, quality of life, and in some cases, life expectancy.


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    Finally, a word about how to ask your oncologist about prognosis and in turn, how you will die. What you should know is that in many places, training in this delicate area of communication is woefully inadequate and your doctor may feel uncomfortable discussing the subject.


    But this should not prevent any doctor from trying — or at least referring you to someone who can help. Accurate prognostication is difficult, but you should expect an estimation in terms of weeks, months, or years.

    'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer: 'I'm gonna fight this'

    Over 2, years ago, the Greek philosopher Epicurus observed that the art of living well and the art of dying well were one. More recently, Oliver Sacks reminded us of this tenet as he was dying from metastatic melanoma. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Cancer The autocomplete questions.

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