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Limited companies need to register to operate pay-as-you-earn PAYE , which is the system used by HMRC to record employee earnings and work out how much tax they owe.

Equipment cover can take the sting out of these challenging situations. Not only could each of these insurance types one day rescue your business, they may also be a prerequisite for getting work, as many clients — especially corporate ones — will only engage fully insured gardeners. So with this in mind, which option makes better business sense: sole trader or limited company?

How to start a gardening business

Most gardening businesses will find that forming a limited company is the more financially advantageous option for the long-term, whereas operating as a sole trader is the better route for keeping your administrative and financial responsibilities to a minimum. Limited company directors generally take a small salary and receive the rest of their pay in the form of dividends, which are not subject to the National Insurance Contributions, whereas sole traders must pay in addition to their income tax.

Working as a sole trader, meanwhile, is nice and simple from a formation and accounting perspective. Once you decide which company type to form as, you actually need to do it. Part of. Company Formation. More posts like this. Call us Monday - Friday 9am - 5.

Dealing with clients

Your business essentials. Company Formation Prepare for your business adventure.


Cash flow, earning projections, and other financial data will also be required if you need to approach a lending institution for funds. You not only need to complete these projections to apply for the loan, but also need to make sure they are accurate, so that repayments do not create a hardship for you. Marketing plans are also essential.

Many people have wonderful ideas for new business ventures, but cannot make them work if they don't get their business information to the right people. Often, it takes more than a few advertisements in the local newspaper to get business going. You can hope for 'word of mouth' business once you are up and going, but the hardest part is getting those first few customers through the door.

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Aside from planning on expenditure and earnings, you also need to plan on how the business will affect your lifestyle. The first few years of a business are often critical in the long-term success of the business. This usually requires a great deal of commitment beyond the eight hours a day, five days a week we work as employees of another company. Are you ready to make this commitment?

More importantly, will your family be ready to support you? They will be sacrificing you in terms of contributing to household help, and often family functions. Without their support, the results can be devastating, regardless of your level of financial planning.

These are just a few of the many things that you, as a prospective business owner, must look at. However, spending a few days on planning can save you a great deal of money and heartache, and can be the difference between failure and success. Keep in mind that you have to remain competitive, but working without profit is work not worth doing.

You may find early in the business that you are not making the profit you would like, for instance costs may be greater than what you first anticipated. However, strive to keep that profit margin on all costing, so that money is on hand to cover extra costs and to put back into the business to allow it to grow. John Mason's book "Starting a Garden or Landscape Business" is one of the few books on this subject and should be essential reading for anyone going into a garden business for the first time.

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