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Creators AJ Cooper. Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. Here, will o' wisps draw unwary travelers into quicksand; the lupine Firvalg hunt in packs; giant spiders trap victims in sticky webs; and the vicious Mandragora coils through the western swamps in her never-ending search for food.

Unconquered Son Price: Free! Witch War by AJ Cooper.

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Fell Winter Price: Free! Words: 40, Language: English. Published: September 23, by Realms of Varda. Publius Corvus, struggling with the worthiness of his cause, trains with the Imperial legion in the foothills. But as he questions the Empire and its goals, he finds himself sent on a secret mission in the mountains, a mission he increasingly does not understand. Words: 43, Published: October 3, by Realms of Varda. None know his motivations, but some say they are written in scrolls of prophecy.

Words: 37, Published: August 27, by Realms of Varda. The doors to the Temple of Amara are sealed shut, leaving citizens of Thenai to wonder what lies inside. Abroad, the war effort flags and unrest has begun to spread. Far away, the hero Geon has almost completed his angelic metamorphosis.

As his power grows, he vows to restore Amara's priesthood. He ventures far from home to find the last surviving priestess, unaware that something is hunting him. Published: July 6, by Realms of Varda. The city of Thenai burns, and hopes for the military alliance it once led begin to falter. In the midst of the wreckage, rebels pick up the pieces and take the fight to their captors. On the other side of the world, the amazon Khloe begins a desperate search for her friend, the hero Theron, believing if she finds him she can turn the tide of the war.

Words: 26, Published: May 9, by Realms of Varda.

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For centuries, the sunny Kalamar Forest and the dismal swamps to its west lived in peace. But as Pirosha, King of Kalamar, approaches his nineteenth year, trouble consumes his realm. Vanishings and rebellions are reported. Word of ravenous wolves reaches his ear. And rumors begin to spread that he is not sovereign, that the true king of both the forest and the swamp is about to reveal himself. Published: October 9, by Realms of Varda. In the shadow of a mountain, Rogon, the Dark Captain — slain by his enemies — stirs to life.

The Ulfr Crisis, no. 3

Bearing the Gauntlet of the Demiurge, he awakens more powerful than ever before. Not far away, the hero Theron embarks on a quest to avenge the Oracle for her betrayal. With the centaur Aigon at his side, he navigates a country torn asunder by war, ignorant of the power the Dark Captain unleashed. Words: 35, Published: March 12, by Realms of Varda. Yet Gaia—having bridged the gap between her world and his—ushers him once again into the world of the living.

As Eloesus slips into total war, the hero Theron hides away. Words: 33, Published: October 25, by Realms of Varda. The tenuous alliance between the cities of Eloesus evaporates. With the nation divided into the Thenoan and Kersican Leagues, war has become inevitable. Out of the division, a new foe arises: the one called the Dark Captain. The Kersican League considers him the greatest of assets, but no one truly knows him or what lies beneath the surface.

Words: 44, Published: August 28, by Realms of Varda. The day of battle has arrived, but the alliance of Eloesian cities is already evaporating. Theron, the hero whom the Oracle has called, is failing at his task. Against all this, a wind of destiny blows A wind from prophecy's holy mount.

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Can a new day rise out of a crimson dawn? Words: 31, Published: August 7, by Realms of Varda. The Eloesian cities are warring among themselves. Locked in mistrust and rivalry, they fail to see the most powerful empire in the world setting the gears of invasion in motion. The padisha emperor of Fharas has made his move to swallow them whole.

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