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Never before in modern warfare did a single infantryman have enough firepower to personally engage enemy tanks and armored vehicles at intermediate ranges.

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The soldier only removed its shock absorbers, attached the guidance unit, sat on the ground, and fired. Also it was the lightest system among contemporary anti-tank guided missiles.

Javelin Missile

In the hands of either Marines or Rangers the M47 allowed them to hold territory against all comers and even launch ambushes. But it was only in when McDonnell-Douglas began prototyping their experimental missile using proven wire-guidance and infra-red technology. Its disadvantages, however, reduced it to a mediocrity when compared to its peers from either side of the Iron Curtain. The longer it stayed in service the more obvious its flaws became.

During the late s its range was slightly stretched to 1.

M47 Dragon Anti-Tank Missile

This meant he or she was exposed and at risk of injury during combat. There were instances when the missile would erupt out of its tube and suddenly drop to the ground. The M47 Dragon was not.

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Although the M47 underwent minor upgrades, it was slowly retired between and and leftover missiles were scheduled for destruction. T he M47 participated in its share of wars, i.

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Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, the Balkans, and established the shoulder-fired anti-tank missile as a viable weapon system. This missile had increased penetration. Dragon III — Increased the maximum range to 1.

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It also had a tandem HEAT warhead. The program was cancelled in The missile coasted away from the operator and a burning infrared flare was ignited at the rear of the missile.

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The rocket spiralled as it moved forward, and the thrusters were fired in pairs to move the missile forward as well as keep the missile on target. These were activated by the sight controller which sent signals from the sight mechanism to the missile along the wire which spooled out behind the missile and remained connected to the sight.

The operator kept the sight crosshairs on the target; the sight tracked the infrared flare and sent corrections to the missile service motor to bring the flight of the missile to the aim point. The service charges were fired as needed both to keep the missile correcting toward the aim point and to keep it up and moving forward.

Modular system stops anti-tank rockets

A missile moving towards a stationary target and tracked by a steady gunner would fire the thrusters about every. If the operator over-corrected his aim point beyond the service motor's capability to keep up, the missile grounded itself. Conversely, if the guidance wire broke, the missile would fire its rockets rapidly, sending the missile into a rapid ascent. The M47 Dragon was not particularly popular with U.


Because of the missile's relatively short range and signature 'popping' sound as the missile was propelled towards the target, M47 Dragon crews were expected to take heavy casualties in the event hostilities broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union in Europe. Iran has reverse-engineered a version of the Dragon, the Saeghe. They displayed it in at the Defendory exhibition in Athens , when it was in mass production. Known versions include Saeghe-1 and Saeghe In order to fire the weapon, non-integrated day or night sights must be attached. While the launcher itself is expendable, the sights can be removed and reused.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. M47 Dragon An M47 Dragon, shown here with its daytime tracker attached.

USA - M47 Dragon

Armies in Lebanon — Men-at-Arms Osprey Publishing. Le Monde in French.

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